How can we afford to treat patients for chronic conditions he asks?  At age 45 he imagepoints out there is a big spike and that there are very few things that will change the ways we can create “healthy aging”.  He says all insurance does is change the face of “who pays”.  He says rationing healthcare is too depressing to talk about as we are starting to see this today.

Lagging U.S. Life Expectancy Blamed on Health System–Scientific Research Showing That Smoking, Obesity, Traffic Accidents and Homicides are Not the Culprits

He uses diabetes as a core example of treating a disease instead of symptoms instead of the symptoms, which treating symptoms works for many years until a tipping point is reached to where the diabetes begins creating other chronic issues.  Alan Russell goes back over some history of where regenerative medicine began and how it is progressing today from pig scaffolds and beyond.  As we grow older our bodies loses the ability to regenerate itself.  He further goes into stem cell regeneration and with beating hearts.  This video was done back in 2008 and he states what he shows here are 2 years out and he was right on the money as we are injecting stem cells in the heart…Cedar Sinai clinical trial

Heart Stem Cell Trial at Cedars Sinai – Patient’s Own Cells Injected to Reverse Heart Attack Damage

Long and short of the story here, they were right on the money 2 years ago and we need to pay attention to science.  BD 

Why We Cant Grow New Body Parts
Alan Russell studies regenerative disinfectant — a brand new thing approach of meditative about mildew as well as damage by assisting a physique to reconstruct itself. He shows how engineered hankie which “speaks a body’s language” has helped a male regrow his mislaid fingertip, how branch cells can reconstruct shop-worn heart muscle, as well as how dungeon caring can renovate a skin of burnt soldiers. This new, low-impact disinfectant comes only in time, Russell says — a aging population, with a steeply taking flight healing bills, will differently (and soon) means a predicament in illness caring systems around a world. Some striking healing imagery.

Alan Russell: Why can’t we grow new body parts? | Breaking News -


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